This course is perfect if you want to get a feeling of what engineering is about or if you just want to get into building smart DIY projects.

This course is your first step to learning and building electronics and software. The course is focused around building amazing projects and learning the fundamentals along the way. The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

The course focuses on the mighty Arduino. The Arduino is the microprocessor (brains) at the core of the projects and a powerful tool for building intelligent electronics projects. We write code and upload it to the Arduino which controls many other electronic components such as LEDs, resistors, ultrasonic sensors and buzzers.

The JustTech multi-leveled learning approach makes our accessible to people of varying skill sets. It gives you the availability and flexibility to work on a project by yourself from the ground-up, have a helping hand guide you through important principles or watching and learning while a JustTech team member builds the project.

The course is carefully designed for people of all levels. All the help is there for those who need it can also challenge those that are feeling brave. Yet, there is an age restriction of 15+.

What you will create

Module 1: LEDs and Light Shows 💡

1.1: Blinky Blink: make an LED blink on and off. This is Electronics and Coding 101. Take a look here.

1.2: Traffic Light: program 3 LEDs to form a traffic light sequence.

1.3: Magic Dice: Generate and display random numbers like a dice. Take a look here.

Module 2: Inputs and Outputs. Speaking to the Outside World 🗣️

2.1: Buzzers: Playing tones with electrical buzzers.

2.2: Potting Around: Reading electrical inputs and communicating with a computer.

2.3: Buzz Wire Game: The classic electric-touch game. Check out a picture here.

Module 3: Ultrasound Sensors 🔊 🦇

3.1: Rulerless Ruler: Using ultrasound to calculate distance.

3.2: Reverse Sensor: Build a car reverse sensor. Check out a picture of it here.

Module 4: Load Shedding System 😒 ➡️ 💡

4.1: Power Monitor: Safely detect power outages.

4.2: Light Sensor: Monitor light levels in a room.

4.3: People Detection: Detection of people in a room. Check out a sample here.

4.4: Go Bezerk!



  • A comprehensive electronics kit (including an Arduino Uno microprocessor board, a circuit board, LEDs, an ultrasound sensor, etc).

  • Access to our state-of-the-art online learning system which includes all of JustTech's novel content.

  • Free online engagement with the JustTech staff for all of your electronics and software needs.