I really enjoyed the course! It was really cool to see my coding represented in a physical form, the circuits. I really enjoyed the feeling of my circuits finally working! I learned a lot and the way that the course content was taught was very intuitive and easy to understand.

- Lior, Grade 11

The JustTech Getting Started course is fantastic! It is a creatively made, helpful and well-paced introduction to coding and electronics. The content made me much more curious as to how things in the real world might work. The approach that they use boosted my confidence for trying things on my own first, yet still made me feel accomplished when I needed assistance. You will not believe how satisfying it is to get an LED to blink or simple buzzer to buzz until you’ve tried it yourself! The team is also super organised and very responsive. I will definitely be using my kit for other projects now too. Thank you, JustTech Team!

- Teaghan, Medical Student

The JustTech beginners course was a great introduction to coding. The team made complex topics easy to understand. Highly recommend!

- Ariella, Architecture Student

The JustTech course is a brilliant, fun, and concise introduction into coding. My exposure of coding from university was stressful, confusing and poorly explained. Yet the JustTech team not only uniquely and clearly taught me fundamental coding concepts, but they made it entertaining and boosted my confidence – the coolest part is to see your code actually come to life!

- Kate, Engineering Student

Excellent Experience! I started the program with no prior knowledge of coding and minimal on electrical circuits. This course guides you step-by-step with a deep, concise theory introduction, and uses this background to cement the fundamentals behind the coding thereafter. Standards, Syntax, and protocols are well explained and notated, based on the individual's prior knowledge. Overall, this course gave me a well-rounded, basic understanding of what coding and electrical circuits are all about! Can't wait for the next course!

- Dylan, Civil Engineer

It was very fun and educational!

- Yoni, Grade 10