We, the JustTech Team, are a group of freshly qualified and motivated engineers who want to share our passion for engineering skills and knowledge. We craft projects which will teach you to to break down the barrier of electronics and software.

Meet the team

Gershon Koral

Biomedical Engineer

I am a Biomedical engineer and am in my final year of electrical engineering. I have a deep passion for biological systems and strongly believe that the best way to interface with them is through electronic systems. Being able to invest my life and study what I love is something I do not take for granted :)

Simon Lipschitz

Electrical Engineer

I am a qualified electrical engineer. I am currently working in the telecommunication industry. I have a passion for engineering (and table tennis). Engineering is amazing as it allows us to create something from nothing. One of my primary goals in life is to share my passions with others and that is why I am here😉

Nicholas Reuss

Information Engineer

I enjoy tinkering with all sorts of electronics and have disassembled almost every electrical device in my house. I love to share my enthusiasm for engineering by teaching others. In my spare time I am a qualified Information Engineer pursuing a Masters in Power Electronics.